Platinum Pari-Mutuel Holdings, Inc.


February 2017

02.15.17: PPMH Annouces Name Change

02.14.17: PPMH Accepts Buy-Out Offer For Its PotCircles

02.13.17: SAGD Tendered Offer LOI For PotCircles To PPMH Is Accepted

02.13.17: mPathDiscovery Grows Rapidly

02.08.17: PPMh Subsidiary mPathDiscovery

December 2016

12.20.16: 2017 Plan and Objectives

November 2016

11.16.16: International Sales Expansion

October 2016

10.20.16: Smacktive Social Media Gets People Active

10.12.16: PPMH Recognizes Toyota's Blaid Project

10.03.16: PPMH Holds First Combined Management Meeting

September 2016

09.21.16: Detailed Release on Acquisition of TBX Group

09.16.16: Celebrity Tap - "The Trumpie Challenge" Launches in the Apple App Store

09.12.16: Platinum Pari-Mutuel Finalizes Acquisition of TBX Group

09.09.16: Platinum Pari-Mutuel Appoints Former FedEx CFO to PPMH Management Staff

August 2016

08.30.16: Platinum Pari-Mutuel signs Multi-Million Dollar LOI for Acquisition

08.24.16: Platinum Pari-Mutuel Positively Confirms CFO and Acquisition Rumors

July 2016

07.12.2016: Platinum Pari-Mutuel Holdings Acquires Rugged Outdoor Computing Systems

07.27.2016: Platinum Pari-Mutuel Holdings Announces Product Launch and Projected Sales Revenue

Old News

12.30.2014: Platinum Pari-mutuel Holdings Announces New Trading Symbol PPMH
12.18.2014: Hokutou Holdings International Inc. Announces Name Change
02.04.2014: Wall Street Media Group Signs Investor Relations Contract With Hokutou Holdings International Inc. Subsidiary Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group
01.27.2014: Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group Announces Strategic Marketing Partnership

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